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 (08) 8262 8460

Turf Management

Fertilising with BioLogics

Before you address the options for fertilising your turf area - speak to Greene Eden  The first step will be the analysis of the soil to see what additives will be of the most benefit.

Importantly, we can talk with you about using BioLogic fertilisers in preference to toxic chemicals.

"If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us"...    David Suzuki

Overplanting / Seeding

Overplanting or Seeding - the choice is yours:

Overplanting:  The Sammut sprig overplanter has a hopper bin that breaks up high quality instant turf into turf stolons which are sewn by the machine for either row, or over-planting and will compliment seeding of new turf sites.

Seeding is carried out with a seeding machine which sews high quality turf seed evenly across the site .

Laser Leveling

Laser levelling is used to correct larger irregularities in the turf/soil surface and is generally carried out during creation of a totally new playing surface, or a complete renovation of older surface.      

As the name implies, laser levelling uses purpose-built laser tools to guide the levelling process.

This can facilitate:

  • effective drainage of water off the site which therefore prevents boggy areas and ponding;
  • even turf surfaces for grounds-user safety and comfort.

Aerated Turf (Aerovation, Vertidraining, Earthquaking)

The best kept turf areas are the ones that are aerated. For most soil types, compaction is a problem that prevents oxygen, water and nutrients from reaching the turf roots.

This can cause shallow root systems and therefore makes grass more susceptible in drought conditions. Depending on the depth, and extent, of the compaction, either aerovating, vertidraining or earthquaking can be provided .

Top Dressing

Top Dressing of a turfed area can correct poor preparation, lack of soil, or to fill in low spots and correct uneven areas across the turf surface. It can also benefit areas which are heavily thatched, and can help nutrient retention, improve drainage and increase disease and pest resistance.

Often, however, if not carried out correctly, it can accentuate the problems on the site, not relieve them. If your lawn is well fertilised, healthy and even, then you don’t need to worry about top dressing. Top dressing should only be carried out during the growing season

Broadleaf Weed Spraying 

When asked by our clients to provide Broadleaf Weed Spray for their turf areas, Greene Eden’s recommendation is for a spray which is as environmentally stable as possible, with a very low half-life.

Sadly, whilst it is not yet possible to find a weed spray which is environmentally friendly, Greene Eden’s research has uncovered an appropriate spray which, when applied using all the specified safety parameters, will eradicate broadleaf weeds, but importantly, only has a half-life of 14 days.

Paint Marking

Paint-marking of ovals for specific sporting fixtures can be carried out.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing is vital to ensure that turf/soil remediation works have the desired outcomes. Samples are taken across the site and provided to APAL for analysis. Pro Ag then provide Greene Eden with recommendations for fertiliser nutrient mix, based on that analysis.

Mowing (ovals, internals & dry-land)

Greene Eden is well-equipped with various sizes and types of mowers to carry out mowing (including dry-land) of any areas.


We can get your soil tested and come up with a program which will deliver the desired outcomes.

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