(08) 8262 8460

 (08) 8262 8460

Sub-surface Drip Irrigation

Greene Eden has been successfully installing sub-surface drip irrigation systems in turf since 1993 with acceptance growing during the drought in the early 2000’s when irrigators starting acknowledging the obvious advantages of this irrigation system methodology.

The importance of quality design and installation standards, however, can not be over-stated. To achieve the desired end-result, the drip lines must be installed at a uniform depth, and spacing, across the site. Adequate protection against root intrusion and appropriate filtration must be addressed and maintained The soil profile should be assessed to better understand the most appropriate design configuration and water scheduling parameters

In summary – attention to detail is vital.


  • Saves water: There is no evaporation, run-off or wind-deflection, ensuring that the water is delivered to the root zone where the plant can make the best use of it.
  • Ideal for odd shaped areas.
  • Invisible: Landscapes are not spoiled by surface system componentry
  • Less Vandalism: Because the system is entirely underground there is no access by vandals
  • Eliminates injury and reduces liability: Irrigated area is free of irrigation parts, and there is no overspray onto walkways, each of which may cause injury to grounds-users
  • Grows healthier plants: Healthy root growth and less plant stress. Dry foliage reduces fungus and mildew
  • No splash damage: Avoids watermarks on fences, walls and paths
  • Fertilising is safe and efficient as it can be injected directly into the system.
  • Low Pressure System: the system requires less pressure to work efficiently so is suitable for areas where pressure is a problem.
  • Reduced compaction: No sprinkler droplets on the surface
  • Flexible irrigation scheduling: Watering can be carried out at any time – even when the grounds are being used
  • Ideal for irrigating with ‘non-drinking water’, most especially treated effluent


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