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Remote Monitoring

No other irrigation contracting company in South Australia offers this option to individual clients

The remote management/monitoring of irrigation system scheduling came about during the last major drought period when SA Water took a pro-active role in policing water use, especially on sportsfields. Irrigated Public Open Space (IPOS) Code of Practice evolved to provide the framework for intelligent scheduling of irrigation based on evapotranspiration (evaporation and transpiration of the plant) and prevailing weather conditions. Evapotranspiration data is collected by the Bureau of Meteorology and can be used as a guide to calculate the amount of water required for the next irrigation schedule, and therefore replaces only what is absolutely required by the plant. Persons responsible for sportsfields and other turf environments were enthusiastic to have Greene Eden accept the responsibility for managing their water usage, and to also report their usage to SA Water.

Greene Eden has monitored in excess of 40 sites since 2006/2007 using both RainBird and Hunter software which enable:

  • communication with the sites,
  • input and collection of data,
  • alarm triggering to highlight issues/problems that should be addressed
  • manual watering as required


  • Managed, monitored, measured irrigation scheduling to their site
  • Scheduling to IPOS Code of Practice
  • Monthly reports on water usage
  • When SA Water are policing water usage during water restrictions (Drought conditions), reports are provided to them on a monthly basis
  • Blow-outs and alarms can be identified, system can be isolated (or turned off), and arrangements can be made to repair system as required
  • Frees-up on-site grounds-person to undertake other tasks rather than managing irrigation

Irrigation Technology has advanced to the point where we can remotely control irrigation systems through various software packages, connected via communications devices to the irrigation controllers. Some now use the Cloud The advantages of this technology are:

  • Hands-off irrigation scheduling for end-users who do not have the time to devote to managing their irrigation watering times – especially during periods of water restriction where water usage is heavily policed.
  • Hands-on irrigation scheduling for end-users who intend managing and monitoring water used throughout sites under their control – e.g. golf courses, local Council areas etc.
  • Ability to use ET (evapotranspiration) data to regulate watering back to only what the plant needs (i.e. combination of evaporation and transpiration). This takes into consideration soil properties, prevailing weather conditions, turf type and desired turf quality. Based on IPOS Code of Practice.
  • Alarms relating to line breaks which will shut off the irrigation until repaired.

Greene Eden has been offering remote irrigation management since approximately 2005 and continues to manage in excess of 30 sites throughout South Australia. This service can be provided to your site with the installation of compatible irrigation controller, flow sensor and communications package.

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