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TIMPACK™ - The ultimate in efficient, managed irrigation on the Australian market, today. AND - only available from Greene Eden.

TIMPACK™ comprises both on-field and off-field componentry. The on-field part of the system has been discussed under “Sub-surface Drip Irrigation”.

The off-field part of the system uses Central Control commercial software providing the end-user with the ability to control multi-site commercial irrigation systems to individual specifications. In doing so it assists the end-user to become “water-wise”, where water is only used where, and when it is required – and at the correct time. An acceptable (if not lush) turf quality is achieved.

Greene Eden’s TIMPACK™ can be applied to existing pop-up sprinkler systems but will gain little for the end-user, or the environment, unless the sprinkler system has been audited, and subsequently up-graded, to ensure the most efficient outcome.

TIMPACK™ applies irrigation schedules in accordance with evapotranspiration (combination of evaporation and transpiration) levels which are based on collected, and historical weather, data. The irrigation system, therefore, replaces only what is used by the plant – no more and no less.

Technological advances allow Greene Eden to remotely set, monitor, measure, manage, and record irrigation schedules from their offices in Gepps Cross, South Australia. Systems which are monitored by Greene Eden are covered by a special watering permit allocated by SA Water. Monthly reporting of water usage is a pre-requisite of this permit.
In the 2008/09 year Greene Eden saved in excess of 45 MegaLitres which proves that TIMPACK™ is the most efficient applicator of irrigation water available on the market today.

Smart Approved Watermark Greene Eden, Adelaide, South Australia
TIMPACK™ has achieved Smart Approved Watermark.

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