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“A healthy soil is one that is productive and easy to manage under the intended land use. It has biological, physical and chemical properties that promote the health of plants, animals and humans while also maintaining environmental quality”

In many cases, it is a fact that our soils have been, and continue to be, over-worked. They have become toxic due to the, often, uncalculated, or miscalculated, and continuous application of fertilizers (predominantly chemical based).

Without soil analysis how do you know what the soil needs in order to achieve the best growing medium?

A soil analysis is carried out, and suggested remedial additives provided, by specialized soil analysts, resulting in the most environmentally acceptable solutions.

The goal is to return the environment back to the “living soil” that it once was. This is not achieved through the addition of further chemical treatments. It can only be achieved with biologic additives that will assist the soil to help itself.

Only then, can we say that we are creating an optimum soil/turf environment.

Amenity turf areas have often been established after excavation, severe compaction or re-filling of sites (e.g. ex-dump sites). In most cases these sites will sustain turf growth – but not over the long term.

Leveling of the site, additional top-dressing, along with a balanced biologic program will achieve sustainable long-term quality outcomes.


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