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Source: LawrieCo – Biologic Turf and Soil Program

Major Challenges for Turf Curators


  • Eliminate soil hardness – thus avoiding common ground contact injuries for players;
  • Increase water Infiltration and Drainage – evaporation from compacted soil is high;
  • Reduce irrigation water
  • Reduce hazards from toxic chemicals

Biologic Turf and Soil Program will assist in meeting these challenges by:

  • Eliminating soil compaction;
  • Building the soil’s water-holding capacity;
  • Facilitating soakage of irrigation/rain-water;
  • Reducing or eliminating toxic chemical inputs whilst maintaining premium turf

Biologic Turf and Soil Program is a unique nutritional program drawn from humic and soil science, microbiology and fertilizer technology. It builds the ideal soil structure and maintains high quality turf.

Programs available include Strategic Broadcast, Foliar, and Irrigation programs. All will be designed to result in optimum soil and turf quality.

Together with WaterBuff, and used in a co-ordinated management program, the Biologic Turf and Soil Program will assist turf recovery from disease and insects.

WaterBuff will promote strong turf growth, even with poor quality water, and will reduce irrigation by optimizing plant water up-take. It can prevent build-up of salts, and bi-carbonates in the soil profile, and prevents/reduces mineralized crusts and scale in irrigation lines.

You will be surprised by the results.

For the soil’s goodness sake – try LawrieCo’s programs – all available through Greene Eden.

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