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What has been done to prevent root intrusion into the sub-surface drip system?
This can be a major issue with sub-surface drip irrigation. Greene Eden use a specially designed Netafim TechFilter to prevent root intrusion occurring. HOWEVER, the cartridge in this filter MUST BE replaced every 18-24 months, depending on usage. Failure to change-over the cartridge may compromise the root intrusion protection.

The Techfilter cartridge is impregnated with Treflan (Trifluralin) which is a non-residual, non-systemic herbicide.

In their article “Environmental Concerns of Rootguard – Root Intrusion Protection for sub-surface drip emitters” (American Society of Agricultural Engineers, June 1991), Sanjines, A., and Ruskin, R., clarify: “Treflan is non-toxic and does not kill plants or animals. It stops cells from dividing during the cell life cycle (mitosis). It does not kill the plant, but stops the root tips from growing close to the emitter. The area of influence is not bound to be more than one inch around the emitter outlet. Treflan is not soluble in water, is non-systemic, does not build-up in the soil, because it biodegrades. Treflan is effectively insoluble in water, hence is not carried into the aquifer, or away from the emitters where it is needed for its barrier function. Treflan is not absorbed by the plant and rapidly decomposes in the soil, with a half-life of 90-180 days so there is no build-up”.

Treflan (Trifluralin) is an S5 poison and the Materials Safety Data Sheet suggests that, as such, it is imperative that caution be exercised during handling. At least disposable gloves and a face mask should be used during handling. Contact with skin should be avoided and the poison should be washed or cleaned from boots or clothing before re-use. From an environmental viewpoint, it is also vitally important that the flushing/cleaning of these cartridges does not occur where it could detrimentally impact on marine life in rivers, or general waterways (stormwater catchments often become wetlands). The used cartridge should be disposed of (in the envelope provided), into a waste collection bin.

How do I know that the system is working?
Greene Eden includes a flow meter with all sub-surface drip irrigation systems. Where systems are centrally managed and monitored by Greene Eden’s office, the irrigation scheduling has been established based on historical weather data and current rainfall. A quick call to the office can verify what schedules have been established for your site.

Can we install the system ourselves?
The quality of the installation of a sub-surface drip irrigation system is vital to providing best outcomes. Installation must be carried out accurately and Greene Eden has developed equipment to facilitate this.
It is also important to highlight that relevant experience should be taken into account when selecting a contractor to undertake a sub-surface drip irrigation system (references are vital).

What is the life of the system?
A sub-surface drip irrigation system has no surface components so there is nothing to be damaged or vandalized. Providing that the Techfilter cartridge is replaced as advised, that the system receives a pre-season flush, and is not damaged through excavation works or tent pegs, the life of the sub-surface system should be much longer than a sprinkler system.