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Greene Eden was established, in South Australia, during the late 70’s/early 80’s to service what was then an emerging domestic irrigation market.

From these beginnings has grown a formidable business committed to high standards in workmanship, service and water management.

A turning point, in 1993, was the opportunity provided by the emergence of sub-surface drip products into the market-place, and therefore the decision by Trevor Eden to commit Greene Eden to this viable alternative to traditional pop-up sprinklers in commercial turf.

That was sixteen years ago and since then over 200 hectares of turf have been successful installed with this ground-breaking system. Whilst Greene Eden met the new challenges of innovation, other irrigation businesses stayed committed to traditional pop-up sprinklers and when water restrictions were tightened, so was the use of sprinklers. Sub-surface drip, on the other hand, held an obvious and distinct advantage.

Sites as far afield as Birdsville and Bedourie in Queensland, Ceduna on the west coast, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie to the north have been successfully installed, whilst many school ovals and other local government ovals and reserves in both rural and urban South Australia, have made the switch.

Sub-surface drip, together with TIMPACK™ makes for an unbeatable package. Sub-surface drip will save irrigation water if managed correctly, TIMPACK™ will manage it correctly.

Water use can now be kept to, if not below Irrigated Public Open Space Base Irrigation Requirements (IPOS BIR’s) with acceptable resultant turf quality.

Greene Eden’s team of full-time personnel (with an accrued experience of over 130 years) have, in the most part, held long term positions with the company underlining their commitment to the Greene Eden philosophy.

Greene Eden wants to help you achieve the best outcomes on your turfed areas.

Just a question, though.
Would you trust a contractor who is still learning, who will use your project as a test site? - No.

That’s why you can trust Greene Eden!!